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Membership Categories

Active Membership

Qualified active member applicants must meet one of following requirements:

  • A Board Certified Physician or Board Eligible Physician. OR
  • A Physician who has retired from his/her practice either entirely, or is more than semi-retired. OR
  • A licensed healthcare professional including nurse (RN), physician’s assistant (PA), and nurse practitioner (NP) OR
  • Rheumatology Practice Manager/Practice Administrator.

Active members have voting rights on all matters presented to the members for consideration. Active Members may serve as Directors and Officers (as defined herein) of the Corporation and serve on the committees of the Corporation.

Trainee Membership

Trainee Membership is open to any individual of good standing as a Resident, Fellow, or Student in the field of Rheumatology in the state of Iowa. Trainee Members shall not have voting rights on any matters presented to the Members for consideration. Trainee Members may not serve as Directors and Officers of the Corporation; and may serve on the committees of the Corporation.